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West Midlands & United Kingdom
  Taiho Jutsu 


Site update  23rd April 2024
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Andy McCormack 10th Dan

West Midlands Taiho Jutsu Club


Taiho Jutsu is a Japanese Arresting Martial Art, previously taught exclusively to the Japanese Police before it was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1973.

Taiho Jutsu has developed into an effective and comprehensive form of self defence.

The UK Taiho Jutsu Association is a National Association for the development of Taiho Jutsu in the UK. 

The West Midlands Taiho Jutsu Club was formed in the early 1990's and was originally based at the Police Headquarters at Tally-Ho under the leadership of the senior instructor - Sensei  Andy McCormack  (9th Dan). The club was affiliated to the British Taiho Jutsu Association under the guidance of its founder Sensei Brian Eustace (10th Dan - See History Tab).

Towards the end of the 1990's the club moved away from the Police Headquarters and membership was opened up to the general public. Over the next few years the club operated from a couple of locations before settling at the new permanent DOJO.

The club also actively participates in both National and International seminars where knowledge and experience is shared on a wider scale.

The club upholds the original traditions of Taiho Jutsu whilst encompassing new developments

in techniques,  procedures and recognised good practice in arresting art and physical intervention.

In 2010 as part of a larger development of Physical Intervention techniques throughout the British Police Force and private security industry, Sensei Andrew McCormack developed The UK Taiho Jutsu Association which concentrates on arresting art techniques.

In 2012 The system was recognised by The Private Security Industry as an approved training programme for the Door Supervisor Industry, known as the McCormack Training Ltd Level 3 and 2 programme. 

In 2018 Sensei Andy McCormack was asked to develop the Republic of Ireland Officer Safety Programme using the Methodology incorporated within the United Kingdom Taiho Jutsu Syllabus. 

In 2020 The above training programme was implemented as part of the Officer Safety Training for the Dublin Airport Police. 

In 2021 This programme was incorporated into the Positive Management of Violence and Aggression Course which has been recognised, approved and accredited through the British Institute of Learning Difficulties. The physical techniques within that programme are currently taught to staff working with people that have challenging behaviour, in secure and acute medical care.


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